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Crime and Delinquency

Juvenile criminal offense and delinquency have ended up being a paramount concern in the society at this moment in time. 


Crime Reduction - What Works?

There are many ways to commit a crime. Crime against property, a crime against a person, stealing, anti-social behavior, burglary, bank robbery, fraud, etc.


Sex Crimes

Criminal behavior is the expression of deviance within all of us. Basically, criminals are us, and we are them. Some do minor things, like run a stop sign, cheat on their taxes, or take property from their employer.

True Crime Books

True crime books are all true stories of actual crimes. Some of the crimes are either highly publicized as in the case of Caysee Anthony and some of the crimes are only publicized via books. 

Defending Child Sex Crimes

My time as a prosecutor prepared me to defend clients charged with sex crimes. My experience taught me that these cases are frequently very difficult to prosecute. 

Crime Analysis

Just as law enforcement equipment is essential in the day-to-day duties of any law enforcement personnel, so is crime analysis an essential element for law enforcement departments in crime prevention.

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